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Ivor Alleyne

Ivor Alleyne

Founder & President

As the Founder and President of Intrinsic Wealth Strategies, Inc my focus is to address issues on Retirement Income Strategies, Problem solving surrounding Business Continuity matters, Risk Mitigation, and Fee-Based Financial Services Consulting. 

Throughout my 25 plus year career in the financial services industry, I have committed myself to my clients' financial well-being achieving that end, through membership in Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group, through a fellowship from the Life Underwriters Training Council, and with a certification for Advanced Study in Qualified Retirement Plans.

I have been a guest speaker and a featured monthly columnist on a variety of financial and retirement planning topics as well, expanding my message of serving my clients' best interests through sound financial guidance.

As a proud father of three sons, and resident of Essex County New Jersey, life's experiences have allowed me to sail on the Nile River in a felucca, climbed the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and visited places as diverse and historical as Cape Town, South Africa and Bahia, Brazil to Anne Frank's House and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Also, last but not least, mainland China. Both on my travels and in my work, I live each day behind the motto "Working to Live" instead of "Living to Work".